1948-2018 (70 TAHUN)
23 JULAI 2018

THE Malaysian Youth Council (MYC) is the national umbrella body of youth organisations in Malaysia. The council was established on July 23, 1948. It has three million members in 40 affiliates.

MYC aims to instil in Malaysian youths an integrated character in terms of mind, body and spirit. It also promotes responsibility, independence, volunteerism and patriotism as youths are the protagonists towards the progress and prosperity of the people, religion and nation.

Its aim is to achieve the objectives of the National Youth Development Policy in accordance with Vision 2020.

The MYC focuses on the demands of youths to be heard, their issues to be addressed and their roles upgraded.

Its main target is to establish integrated and inter-sectoral youth development to determine national development and revive the youth movement to build a strong Malaysian youth identity.

MYC achieves its targets by strengthening youth organisations through idealism, activism and intellectualism. It also encourages the exploration of new fields in youth and national development and heightens the spirit of volunteerism among youths.
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